Time's a-ticking!

Audio BTS and Special Editions

I've moved from Substack as I couldn't condone their position on racism (ie it's okay in the name of profit), so now we're hosted on beehiiv. Same me, better platform. :)I can't quite believe that in a few short weeks my book will be out in the world! As time constricts and release day draws ever closer, it feels like time is magnified--so many things are happening it's hard to keep track. Sharing with you the most recent fun book stuff!


I got to visit the audiobook recording studios a couple weeks ago which was a wonderful treat. Mei Mei Macleod is the hugely talented voice actor bringing Lady Jing to life. I feel so incredibly lucky and can't wait for you to hear her work on the audiobook! I even got to record the author's note and dedication, which was a nice surprise. I hope listeners enjoy that little easter egg.

Goldsboro Special Edition

Goldsboro Books is doing a special edition of Shanghai Immortal with digitally sprayed edges and secret foiled board. I'm in love with the xiaolong bao and nod to the roosters in the story. The edge however is my favourite bit--a nine tailed fox with an umbrella in the rain. Very poignant and perfect for the story.

It's a limited run of 1000 and it is already half gone so if you want one best get in there early rather than later! You can pre-order here.

May Events

Thur 25 May 430-8pm: Fantasy in the Court at Goldsboro Books A fabulous afternoon of mingling and chatting at Goldsboro Books with wonderful fantasy authors! Come join us! I’lll be there to chat and sign books. They won't have the special editions yet but the trade hardcovers will be available to buy on the day.

Sunday 28 May 230-320: Comic Con plus signing

Authors Shauna Lawless (The Children Of Gods And Fighting Men), A.Y. Chao (Shanghai Immortal), Verity Holloway (Others Of Edenwell), Ashley Stokes (Gigantic), T.J. Klune (In The Lives Of Puppets) and Kit Whitfield (All The Hollows Of The Sky) discuss building immersive worlds and experiences in fantasy and folklore.

Recent and Current Reads:

The Moon Represents my Heart by Pim Wangtechawat This beautifully written story about a time travelling family explores family rifts, the nature of love and forgiveness. The prose is beautiful and poetic but the book is also visually compelling too--the way Wangtechawat structures her paragraphs echoes the tension and bending of time itself. Just utterly lovely. Go read it!

The Light of Eternal Spring by Angel Di ZhangAnother beautiful contemplation of family. This one explores a ruptured mother daughter bond through the eyes of a photographer who leaves her small village in North East China to make a new life for herself in New York. Zhang explores identity and displacement, the burden of parental disappointment, and forgiveness.

Yellowface by RF KuangDevoured this one in two sittings. Fast paced psychological thriller about a white American author who steals her Chinese American frenemy's manuscript, and tries to pass it off as it her own. Kuang raises many excellent questions about identity and erasure especially in the publishing industry.

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